7d – Doc – Part Seven

Both Silva & Sneezy decided to make the most of the last few hours at campsite before the rain started again.   They were starting to become better friends as their twin sister relationship increased.    Sneezy explored the campsite deciding when & what to see on her re-visit.

Back home, Silva decided to check her status on the Scout board, since she believed that many tasks were completed while on holiday.   She found out that she is promoted to Unicorn Scout earning the remaining two badges that were required.   Silva was in good spirits and couldn’t wait till her next scout meeting the following weekend.

Johanna’s books were starting to make good profits earning several royalties.  She decided that she would continue writing and being a stay-at-home mum in-between.  

Back at school, Sneezy brought home a school project to complete.    After finishing her usual homework & eating dinner, she decided to open and start having a look at what was required.   She became very excited and continued to work a little on it.     While Sneezy working away, Silva was clearing their room finding her old Camera that Doc previously gave them.    Silva thought to herself ‘I never use this, why don’t I give to someone who would benefit from it.    She went to speak with Doc asking if it was ok to donate to Charity.   Doc was pleased she was thinking of others, but rather the money in his own pocket.  Silva persuaded him to take her advice and that it was something she really wanted to do.  Silva made the call and was going to drop it off after school the following day.  Maybe the scouts where beginning to teach her how to be passionate to others. The following night helping Doc finish her own school project, Silva suddenly remembered that she had to check her Scout board again.   One more task to complete & the Responsibility badge would be hers.  Being in the scouts suited Silva, loving every minute.

For more information about the creation/rules of the challenge, please click the link below and follow @phdsimmer on Twitter & YouTube. https://phdsimmer.tumblr.com/post/162408899766/7-dwarves-inspired-legacy-challenge-7d-legacy

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