7d – Doc – Part Eight

Doc had to start thinking about how to solve the monster situation that kept kids awake most nights.    He originally thought it was just their imagination’s running wild and sprayed their room constantly, telling them to get over it and get back to sleep.   It was now becoming a serious problem as they all needed sleep.   So, he invested in a night light which is supposed to calm kids & keep pesky monsters at bay.    Hopefully it works.    

Sneezy started the yellow bear phase, maybe from wanting to be out in the wilderness, who knows.    She was also awarded extra credit for completing project a few days ago.

Been a long time coming not hearing much from Doc, but he eventually he gets promotion to RN.   (description taken from https://simscommunity.info/2015/04/06/get-to-work-doctor-career-promotion-requirements-rewards – Your commitment to health-care is second to none. As a result, you have risen to the indispensable role of nursing leadership. High-ranking doctors may have great theoretical knowledge of treatment, but the hospital would certainly grind to a halt without your practiced supervision)

Doc hangs his diploma in the living room showing Sneezy & Silva what they can achieve if they study/work hard.   He expects high hopes from them both, and on that note Sneezy mentions that she is now top of the class in school, earning Grade A.   Doc couldn’t be prouder, having one of the best days ever.

Winterfest was next on the horizon which gave Sneezy & Silva days of school.    They spent most of the day decorating, putting up the tree and opening presents.    Not sure why Sneezy was not impressed, possibly a little favouritism towards Silva. 

Kids had fun during these school holiday’s playing snowball fights and building snow-pal in the park.   Winterfest always is a great way to lift everyone spirits.

For more information about the creation/rules of the challenge, please click the link below and follow @phdsimmer on Twitter & YouTube. https://phdsimmer.tumblr.com/post/162408899766/7-dwarves-inspired-legacy-challenge-7d-legacy

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