7d – Doc – Part Nine

Doc had a call from Cameron asking if he wanted to join him celebrating Doc’s recent promotion.   They headed out to dinner discussing work and catching up with all the gossip.   

Johanna is getting fed up with the noises in the opposite flat. It’s hard to continue focusing on writing more novels.    She continues with housework deciding not to complain as both Doc & Johanna were making much the same noises the morning before.   

During school that day Silva decides to pull prank on an annoying kid for revenge in the cafeteria sabotaging her brownie for the other kid to take.   Silva see’s the kid take it as expected and has a little chuckle.     What she didn’t expect was the principal to appear looking for a brownie for his lunch.    The annoying kid decides to stay in his good books and offers the last brownie that he took to him.   The principal was very grateful and praised the other kid for thoughtful gesture.    Silva now realising What has she done? and wondering what will happen next.  

Sneezy was getting tense from working so hard with homework doing all the extra credit work that she needed to get out of the house.   It was a nice day outside, so she put on old clothes heading down to local communal area at the bottom of their flat.    Even though its just on their doorstep she hadn’t been in a while.   The basketball area was the perfect opportunity to practice dribbling maybe eventually getting on the team in school. 

For more information about the creation/rules of the challenge, please click the link below and follow @phdsimmer on Twitter & YouTube. https://phdsimmer.tumblr.com/post/162408899766/7-dwarves-inspired-legacy-challenge-7d-legacy

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